Primrose Cloth Pad - Pink
Primrose Cloth Pad - Pink
Primrose Cloth Pad - Pink
Primrose Cloth Pad - Pink

Primrose Cloth Pad - Pink

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Primrose cloth pads are limited, beautifully handcrafted items lovingly sewn by Miss Ria.  These pads are comfortable, absorbent and come in lovely designs and prints.  The double snaps make these pads easy to adjust. Cloth pads are more breathable and contain no harsh chemicals associated with disposables. 

As these are handmade items, fabric placement may vary for each pad. 

Size : Choose between 8 or 9 inches(length)

Recommended for:

Regular - Heavy Flow


Top layer: Cotton 

Absorbent Core: French terry (3 layers)

Backer: Soft, water resistant polyfleece (more breathable than PUL or polyurethane laminate)

Double snaps


Tips and Care

Wash pads before use. 

Pads are worn with the lovely facing towards skin. 

If you are away from home, fold used pads into squares and keep them in a mini wet bag/ purse until you are ready to wash them. 


Washing Instructions

Rinse used pads with water. Store in a wet bag or leave to soak in a container with cold water until you are ready to wash them. Water in container must be changed daily.

It is recommended to hand wash these pads but you can also machine wash them with cold water. Make sure to wash with like colours. Do not use softeners. Line dry/ drip dry. 



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