NEW Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Pretty Patterns
NEW Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Pretty Patterns
NEW Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Pretty Patterns
NEW Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Pretty Patterns

NEW Mama Koala Pocket Nappy - Pretty Patterns

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We have lots of love for Mama Koalas as they are easy to use and come in gorgeous limited edition prints. 

Choose between a standard 3-layer microfibre insert or purchase the shell on its own. 


  • Waterproof (TPU) pocket nappy shell 
  • Super Soft Stay-Dry Lining - wicks away moisture & keeps baby dry
  • Large Back Pocket Opening - easy to stuff inserts/ boosters in 
  • Comfortable Leg Elastics - contain messes & prevent leaks
  • Durable Snap Closures - adjustable snaps provide a secure, snug fit
  • Adjustable Rise Snaps - one size (8-35lbs/ 3.6kg to 15.8kg) with 3x3 rise snaps to customise for the perfect fit

You can purchase Mama Koala Bamboo Inserts separately here or see our range of other inserts available if you need additional absorbency. 



  • Adjust the rise setting that fits your baby best.
  • Stuff the insert into the pocket. If in the snap-down position, the fold should go in front for boys and back for girls.
  • You may include additional inserts for extra absorbency. 
  • Wrap both wings to the front and fasten securely, leaving no gaps around your baby's legs.

1. FLUSH & RINSE- Knock off solids into the toilet and give the nappy a quick rinse under the tap before storing in your nappy bucket. This will reduce the smell and avoid ammonia damage from the urine. Squeeze the water out and place them in your nappy bucket.

2. PREWASH - Run a warm prewash cycle (30-60 min) so that the nappies are rid of urine and poo and the main wash is done with clean water. Set temperature at 40 deg Celsius (60 deg max). Do not skip this step.

3. MAIN WASH - Run a full warm wash (2-3hours) with good quality detergent. 

4. DRY - Line dry your inserts under the sun. If unavoidable, tumble dry them in moderate heat setting. Shade dry shells /nappy covers only. Machine drying and direct sun can damage the waterproofing of your nappy shell/covers/wet bags and void warranty. 

* Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or vinegar.

* If using barrier creams, use a liner. 

* Wash your nappies at least every second day. You can add small items of clothing in your main wash to bulk up the load.