Cloth Pad Momiji Medium - White Fields

Cloth Pad Momiji Medium - White Fields

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Momiji natural cloth pads are high quality, reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly pads. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they also come in beautiful prints and different sizes. These pads are highly absorbent and contains  a special leak-proof lining to make you feel secure. 


  • Medium or Normal Flow
Pad’s Structure:
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Absorbent layers
  • PU coated polyester waterproof layer
  • 2 adjustable Led-free buttons
  • Size: 9" H x 8" W (23.5cm x 20.5cm)


Washing instructions:
Rinse used pads with water.
Wash directly after use with some soap or leave to soak in a bucket or container until you are ready to wash them. Water in container should be or changed at least daily.
       * Machine wash- cold wash cycle
       *  Hand wash with laundry soap or detergent in cold water.
Hang in line, under the sun if possible.
 (Sun drying is recommended as it has an antibacterial effect.)