Cloth Pads FAQs


What is the difference between cloth pads to disposable pads?

Cloth pads are  comfortable & eco-friendly alternatives to disposable pads. Since they are washable, they can last you for years. They “breathe” better than plastic menstrual pads and cause less irritations to the skin.  They are also more fun than disposables as they come in a variety of beautiful designs and prints. Most cloth pads also come in different sizes to suit different days of your cycle.  


Why make the switch?

Reusable pads are better for the environment and keeps thousands of disposables out of  landfills.They are better for your body as you are less exposed to harsh chemicals associated with disposable pads. You can also save heaps of money in the long run as cloth pads are reusable.


How many pads do I need?

Every woman’s cycle is different. You can get 3-6 pantyliners or small pads, 6-12 medium or large pads, 1-3 overnight pads.


Are cloth pads comfortable to wear?

A lot of women find cloth pads are more comfortable to wear than plastic disposables once they’ve tried them. They are soft and breathable and reduces chafing and irritation on the skin.


How do I change pads when I am away from home?

Reusable pads have snaps and you can easily fold them into squares than you can pack away in a mini wet bag/purse/zip-lock bag until you are ready to wash them at home.


How do I wash pads?

Rinse used pads with cold water. Place in a wet bag or leave to soak in a bucket or container until next laundry. Water in container must be changed daily.

Hand wash or machine wash pads in cold water. Avoid using hot water as it has potential to set stains. If there is dried blood on pads, pre-soaking the pads makes washing easier.  Avoid fabric softeners. Line dry pads under the sun if possible.