Cloth Nappy Rebate

Babies can go through 5,000 to 6,000 disposable nappies until they are potty trained. The cost of disposable nappies alone can be more than $2,000 each child.

Reusable cloth nappies work out cheaper in the long run. To help with the  initial cost of cloth nappies, there are some wonderful city councils in Australia who offer rebate to encourage the use of cloth nappies:



City of Casey - Each household in the City of Casey is eligible for one rebate per category. Separate applications are required for each. Visit their website to apply for rebate. 

  • Cloth nappies  50% of the purchase price (max. $150). For example, spend $300 and receive a rebate of $150
    Includes cloth and swim nappies, reusable inner liner for nappies, reusable wipes, wet bags, reusable nursing breast pads

  • Reusable sanitary products  50% of the purchase price (max. $100)
    Includes sanitary pads, sanitary cups, leak-proof underwear and wet bags

Bayside City Council - please follow this link and sign the petition to get the nappy rebate approved. 

Cardinia Shire - 50% of spend, up to $150 rebated for cloth nappies, reusable swim nappies, reusable sanitary products, reusable inner liners for nappies reusable baby wipes, wet bags for reusable nappies and reusable nursing breast pads. Visit their website to learn more. 

South Australia

City of Holdfast Bay - offers rebates on a number of products which assist the community to live a greener lifestyle - 50% of spend up to $100 for modern cloth nappies. Items must have been purchased in the 2020-21 financial year. Visit their website to learn more. 

Western Australia 

Shire of Augusta Margaret River-  the shire's program offers to help parents choose real cloth over disposable nappies. The Shire will subsidise the cost of up to $100* towards the cost of real cloth nappies for families who would like to give real nappies a go! Visit their website to learn more.


Brisbane City CouncilBrisbane residents dispose of more than 12,000 tonnes of disposable nappies. As part of the Sustainable Nappy Cashback, Brisbane residents are now able to enter into a monthly draw to win back their investment in reusable nappy products (up to $300 value). Choosing to use modern cloth nappy products on your baby (even if only part of the time) can be a great way to save money while also helping the environment.Two further prizes of $50 will also be awarded. Visit their website to learn more.