Assorted Cloth Nappy Starter Bundle

Assorted Cloth Nappy Starter Bundle

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This nappy starter bundle combines different brands to get you started on your cloth nappy journey.
Prints are selected at random for this discounted pack and we cannot accommodate certain design requests. Not to worry as all prints are adorable! You can choose from girl, boy or gender neutral prints. 


1 x Alva Baby Pocket nappy - This nappy comes with a three layer microfibre insert that you stuff inside the pocket of a waterproof shell. This one-size-fits-most nappy is lined with suede cloth, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. Designed with hip snaps and crossover snaps to prevent "wing droop". (Suits 3.5-15kg)

1 x Mama Koala One-size Nappy- another popular nappy that comes with limited-edition designer prints. It has a large back pocket opening making it easy to stuff and remove inserts. This nappy comes with a 3-layer microfibre insert. (Suits 3.5-15.8kg) 

1 x Imagine Pocket nappy- This pocket nappy comes with a velcro/ hook & loop closure making it easy very easy to adjust sizing on the waist. It comes with a 4-layer microfibre insert. The inner lining is buttery soft fleece. It has generous foldback tabs for easy laundering.
1 x Alva Baby wet bag a handy waterproof accessory to store your nappies when you are out and about with your bub. It has two zippered compartments to separate clean from soiled nappies. Dimensions 30 x 36 cm.

3 x Daisy and Belles premium bamboo booster- 4 thirsty layers of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton to add additional absorbency to your nappies. Place them underneath your fast-absorbing microfibre inserts. 

Tips and Care

1. Your Daisy and Belles bamboo inserts need prepping to remove natural oils and increase absorbency. Soak them overnight to speed up the process. 
2. Run a warm wash cycle with all the inserts and shells with some detergent before use.
3. Dirty storage- remove and rinse off residuals (knock solids down the toilet) then store in a dry pail or nappy bucket. 

 Washing Instructions

  • Make sure to use foldback laundry tabs for your Imagine Hook and Loop/ Velcro nappy. Take out inserts from nappy shells to make sure they get cleaned properly.
  • Run a rinse cycle / prewash soiled nappies in warm water (30-40 min). 
  • After prewash, run a full cycle machine wash in warm water with detergent (no hotter than 60 deg Celsius) Follow the correct dosage recommended by your detergent manufacturer.
  • Pocket shells dry quickly - line dry in shade. Excessive heat exposure from the sun  or tumble drying them in high heat will damage/ delaminate the waterproofing of your nappy shell. 
  • Line dry inserts if possible- free and energy saving! Do not tumble dry your Daisy and Belles bamboo inserts on high heat- this will cause over shrinkage your bamboo inserts (voiding warranty).
  • Do not store nappies for too many days. They should be washed in 1-2 days.
  • No bleach, no softener.